Tracks for A Cold Winter Day

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If you’re looking for a little relaxation on a cold winters day consider curling up with these tracks! A playlist tailor made for chilling out!

Port Blue – Sunset Cruiser

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Dryft – Marked Velotin

All India Radio – The Time

Inch-time – X-Ray Eyes

Richard Bone – By Any Other Name

Magic Sound Fabric – Astro Dream Stream

John Lord Fonda – Orchidée

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Cliff Martinez – Destroy Something

Plastik Joy – 63 (she was trying to sleep, I was trying to breathe)

Infinityloop – A Subtle Take Off

Bassic – The Wind

I Am Robot and Proud – The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing

Kettel – Dolend

Abakus – New Era

C418 – certitudes

Davide Cali – Apocrypha

7and5 – Fly

Isan – Falling

Jon Hopkins – Journey

The Seperatists – Exit Smiling

Takeo Toyama – Der Meteor

Alexel – 6 Days

Abakus – Tears Me Apart

Top Artists on New Music Spy Radio

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Here are the play counts for the Top artists on New Music Spy Radio

Cliff Martinez 601 plays

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All India Radio 529 plays

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Marconi Union 500 plays

I Am Robot and Proud 348 plays

Port Blue 346 plays

Ryan Farish 318 plays

Easily Embarrassed 243 plays

Isan 233 plays

Hiro.t 225 plays

Rhian Sheehan 178 plays

Green Sun 178 plays

North Atlantic Oscillation 165 plays

Abakus 159 plays

Clem Leek 157 plays

Bassic 153 plays

Alexel 152 plays

Ruxpin 141 plays

Ozone Player 135 plays

Lemongrass 132 plays

David Van Tieghem 132 plays

Patrick O’Hearn 126 plays

Jens Buchert 126 plays

Green Isac 115 plays

Alpha Wave Movement 114 plays

Vector Lovers 112 plays

Air 106 plays

The Pels Syndicate 102 plays

College 99 plays

Robert Rich 97 plays

Bola 92 plays

Ulrich Schnauss 92 plays

Alexander Lasarenko 89 plays

M. Ostermeier 89 plays

Jonn Serrie 88 plays

APPLE & STONE 84 plays

Miwon 78 plays

You Dee 73 plays

Aes Dana 73 plays

I’m Not A Gun 72 plays

Moliman 70 plays

C418 70 plays

Ilkae 69 plays

Kenso 69 plays

Perpetual Loop 68 plays

XTC 67 plays

Darshan Ambient 64 plays

Hannu 64 plays

Melorman 64 plays

Dada 62 plays

Solvent 61 plays

Paul McCartney 60 plays

Zoon van Snook 59 plays

Edelis 58 plays

Troika 57 plays

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Narc by Cliff Martinez

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Narc by Cliff Martinez – Soundtrack Music from the Motion Picture

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Cliff Martinez – Original Electronic Music You Will Love

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Cliff Martinez used to play drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pretty cool, eeh?

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I hate to scare you off by telling you that Cliff Martinez is now a film score composer whose soundtracks are among the best out there! Some of the songs in the movies he scores simply transcend beyond just being good background music on the screen and work as full blown electronic music compositions! His music is really good!

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One of the bet movies for music ever was Drive featuring Ryan Gosling. One of my favorite films.

Take the Contagion soundtrack for example which Cliff Martinez scored. I have a playlist on Spotify that has the best songs from the soundtrack for the film and it is among the best music i can listen to during my days working on the computer!

Contagion: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Cliff Martinez

Look up Cliff Martinez and check out some of his songs – I think you’ll agree his music is really cool and fun to listen to!

Cliff Martinez – Bride Of Chang Club Mix

More songs you should dig up or listen to on Spotify!

Cliff Martinez – Bat & Pig
Cliff Martinez – It’s Mutated
Cliff Martinez – Crystal And The Bodybuilders
Cliff Martinez – There’s Nothing In There
Cliff Martinez – Don’t Tell Anyone

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