50th Birthday Broadcast

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REHEARSAL BROADCAST FOR BOWIE S 50th BIRTHDAY BASH His other milestone birthdays had passed privately, but for his 50th Bowie threw himself a celebration at Madison Square Garden; it was simulcast via pay-per-view television. As a consolation prize to Britain, Bowie, Gail Ann Dorsey and Reeves Gabrels cut ten songs during rehearsals to be played on a Radio One special to air on the same day. Bowie opened with Little Wonder dug into Hearts Filthy Lesson . Some guests were a subtle nod at Tin Machine s influences: Frank Black, who came on to sing Scary Monsters and Fashion and Sonic Youth, who bloodied up I m Afraid of Americans . Dave Grohl added munitions to Seven Years in Tibet and Hallo Spaceboy . Robert Smith, the most inspired guest choice, sang The Last Thing You Should Do and an oddly heartening Quicksand (Smith had lobbied to sing Young Americans ). Billy Corgan helped close out the show like a kid who d won a contest. For some fans, this immersion in the present tense was disappointing. The biographer David Buckley made a case for the prosecution: Playing live with Iggy Pop for the first time in 20 years. Playing live with Robert Fripp and Brian Eno for the first time ever. Bringing on Nile Rodgers for Let s Dance. The only person who d been invited that night who actually hailed from Bowie s past, who had been Bowie s influence, was Lou Reed. At the end of the show, Bowie made a concession: he came out alone with his 12-string acoustic guitar and sang Space Oddity . I don t know where I m going from here, he said. But I promise I won t bore you. Then he was off for another year of tours and TV spots. He d dodged the snare, at least this time. 1. Interview 1:33 2. The Man Who Sold The World 4:00 3. The Supermen 3:07 4. Interview 7:33 5. Andy Warhol 2:28 6. Repetition 3:00 7. Interview 11:01 8. Lady Stardust 3:25 9. White Light/White Heat 3:40 10. Interview 4:51 11. Shopping For Girls 3:26 12. Interview 5:10 13. Quicksand 4:46 14. Aladdin Sane 3:30 15. Interview 0:32

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Bowie, David – A Decadent Desolation

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By the mid-1970s David Bowie was the biggest pop star in the UK, but his personal life was in turmoil. In a bid to escape the chaos of his drug problems and to flee from the media spotlight, the performer and musician eventually found his way to West Berlin, where he started to work on what would become some of the most memorable and critically lauded recordings of his career. Bowie stopped moving from persona to persona, as he had previously done, settling instead on being simply himself, and began to blend the music he was hearing in his adopted homeland with the avant-garde methodologies used by his friend and colleague Brian Eno. Bowie shared an apartment with Iggy Pop while in Germany and this led to numerous escapades including David’s production and assistance with songwriting on Iggy’s Lust for Life and The Idiot albums, and his performing keyboard duties on the Ig’s 1977 tour. This film reviews and documents the music that Bowie recorded and the life that he led between the years 1976 and 1979, when his most adventurous, challenging and thought provoking work was unleashed and when his lifestyle was as different to what had gone before as could barely be imagined.

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Alabama Song (40th Anniversary) (7″ Picture Disc)

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Originally released in the UK on 15th February, 1980 ‘ALABAMA SONG’ was initially written as a poem by Bertolt Brecht in 1925 and was put to music by Kurt Weill for the 1927 play Little Mahogany. David Bowie was a longstanding Brecht fan and included the song in the setlist for his 1978 Isolar II tour. 

The studio version of ‘ALABAMA SONG’ on the A-side of this release was recorded on July 2nd 1978, the day after the final show of the European leg of the tour, at Tony Visconti’s Good Earth Studios in Soho, London. 
The AA-Side features two previously unreleased tracks;A rendition of “Heroes” track ‘JOE THE LION’ recorded at the soundcheck of the tour’s final Earls Court show on the 1st July 1978. Though rehearsed for the Isolar II tour ‘JOE THE LION’ would not make its live debut until the Serious Moonlight tour of 1983.  
The second track on the AA-side is a live version of ‘ALABAMA SONG’ also recorded July 1st 1978—a different performance than the one featured on the live album Welcome To The Blackout.

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Diamond Dogs (2016 Remastered Version)

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Breakout from David Bowie’s “Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976” Box Set. Originally released on RCA APLI 0576 (U.K.) / CPLI 0576 (U.S.) on 31st May, 1974. 

Product Features

  • David Bowie- Diamond Dogs

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Space Oddity (2019 Mix)

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Brand new mix of the Space Oddity (aka David Bowie) album by longtime Bowie producer/collaborator Tony Visconti.

Of the 2019 Space Oddity album mix Visconti says “It was so much fun to find hidden gems of musicianship with more time to mix the second time around, a guitar twiddle here, a trombone blast there, Marc Bolan’s voice in a group choir and more detail in general that we overlooked all those years ago when the label gave us a week at the most to mix this album. And in the details you will find 22 year old David Bowie, who would soon take the world by storm.”

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Dallas 1978 Isolar II World Tour – 2lp set 180g [VINYL]

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Double black 180g LP in Gatefold Sleeve Legendary performance from the Dallas Convention Center Includes the entire National Public Radio broadcast. Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality Background liners Side One 1. Intro > What In The World 5.13 2. Blackout 3.50 3. Sense Of Doubt 5.48 4. Hang On To Yourself 2.42 5. Ziggy Stardust 3.20 Side Two 1. Warsawa 6.15 2. Heroes 7.29 3. Fame 4.04 4. Beauty & The Beast 4.41 Side Three 1. Five Years 4.04 2. Soul Love 2.54 3. Star 2.25 4. Hang On To Yourself (Reprise) 2.39 5. Ziggy Stardust (Reprise) 3.36 Side Four 1. Suffragette City 3.24 2. Station To Station 13.16 3. TVC15 4.11

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Live Santa Monica ’72 (2LP Vinyl, 180g) – UK Release

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UK Release, 180g 2LP Vinyl. Tracklist – SIDE A: 1. Introduction 2. Hang On To Yourself 3. Ziggy Stardust 4. Changes 5. The Supermen 6. Life On Mars? SIDE B: 1. Five Years 2. Space Oddity 3. Andy Warhol 4. My Death. SIDE C: 1. The Width Of A Circle 2. Queen Bitch 3. Moonage Daydream 4. John, I’m Only Dancing. SIDE D: 1. Waiting For The Man 2. The Jean Genie 3. Suffragette City 4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

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Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)

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UK 10-inch pressing. Includes three tracks; Sue (Or in a Season of Crime), ‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore and Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) [Radio Edit]. Parlophone. 2014.

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Heroes (Mlps)

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Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007.

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David Bowie – Best of Bowie

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The CD anthologies out there let you hear the many phases of rock’s greatest chameleon; this 2-DVD set lets you watch the evolution unfold! You’ll see Bowie on the Old Grey Whistle Test ( Oh, You Pretty Things ), Dick Cavett Show ( Young Americans ), Top of the Pops ( Starman ), Russell Harty Plus Pop ( Space Oddity ) and in a rare clip from Dutch TV ( Rebel, Rebel ). You’ll also see songs from the Serious Moonlight tour plus music videos: Heroes; Ashes to Ashes; Fashion; Let’s Dance; China Girl; Modern Love; Blue Jean; Dancing in the Street; Absolute Beginners , and more!Probably the most comprehensive anthology of any musical artist to date, the 47-track Best of Bowie traces the guises of David Bowie from the androgynous, glam-rock rebel of the 1970s to his more recent incarnation as the postmodern pop ironist of the ’90s. The collection provides an added insight into wider developments in fashion, music, and the pop video. Most of the early material is taken from television music programs such as The Old Grey Whistle Test (“Oh! You Pretty Things,” “Queen Bitch,” and “Five Years”); however, as the demands of television and music promotion progress, Bowie ventures into more sophisticated stand-alone videos culminating in 1983’s “Let’s Dance.”

Best of Bowie‘s animated menus, and the opening menu sequence of both discs are excellent. Although there are no listed bonus features, the discs are swarming with extra “Easter egg” features such as alternative videos and vintage interviews (these can be accessed via the track-listing menu by selecting certain tracks and pressing the Right button). Background information about each video is displayed before the start of every promo, which is reproduced in the accompanying glossy booklet. The sound and picture quality is variable for early videos but improves (admittedly erratically) for later videos. Despite the mountains of material on both discs, there are a number of unexplainable absences such as “Changes”, “Under Pressure,” and “Sound and Vision.” Watch out for the Best of Bowie, Vol. 2. –John Galilee

Product Features

  • David Bowie- The Best Of Bowie

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David Bowie – The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars – Lp Vinyl Record

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Product Features

  • Record has been cleaned and new sleeved.
  • Black RCA Victor labels, with dog.

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Iggy & Ziggy – Cleveland ’77

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The Dynamic Duo of late ’70s hard rock, Iggy Pop and David Bowie, perform together on this classic live album – with Pop on vocals and Bowie on keyboards!Recorded live at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland OH, March 21, 1977, the show includes wild performances of Iggy’s classics such as “Raw Power, ” “I Wanna Be Your Dog, ” “TV Eye, ” “1969” and many more!Limited edition PINK vinyl pressing!

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Glass Spider

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PAL/Region 0. EMI. 2007.

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Conversation Piece (5CD)

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Five CD box set tracking David’s early development throughout 1968 and 1969, via his home demos, BBC radio sessions, studio recordings with guitarist John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson and the experimental music and mimegroup, Feathers. DAVID BOWIE – CONVERSATION PIECE contains twelve previously unreleased tracks/demos. 

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David Bowie

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David Bowie ~ David Bowie

Product Features

  • David Bowie – David Bowie – CD Brand New

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Station to Station

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Japanese CD pressing. 2014.

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