Tracks for A Cold Winter Day

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If you’re looking for a little relaxation on a cold winters day consider curling up with these tracks! A playlist tailor made for chilling out!

Port Blue – Sunset Cruiser

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Dryft – Marked Velotin

All India Radio – The Time

Inch-time – X-Ray Eyes

Richard Bone – By Any Other Name

Magic Sound Fabric – Astro Dream Stream

John Lord Fonda – Orchidée

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Cliff Martinez – Destroy Something

Plastik Joy – 63 (she was trying to sleep, I was trying to breathe)

Infinityloop – A Subtle Take Off

Bassic – The Wind

I Am Robot and Proud – The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing

Kettel – Dolend

Abakus – New Era

C418 – certitudes

Davide Cali – Apocrypha

7and5 – Fly

Isan – Falling

Jon Hopkins – Journey

The Seperatists – Exit Smiling

Takeo Toyama – Der Meteor

Alexel – 6 Days

Abakus – Tears Me Apart

Hot Summer Nights – Party Music

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OK – so it’s summertime (in some places) and it’s time to spend nights partying with friends. How about breaking out some really unique music and creating your own playlist with some of these diverse suggestions? You’ll surely make a lot of your friends happy and your hot summer nights will be better than ever!

Porn Sword Tobacco – 2 Windows Down

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M-Seven – World in a Rain Drop
Loscil – Umbra
Koan – Flying Cities
Xerxes – Inhale
Zero Cult – Clouds Garden
Mystical Sun – Waters Of Life
Miwon – More Guitar On The Monitor, Please
Julien Neto – VI (Featuring Keith Kenniff)
M-Seven – The Informer
Harax – Laeda
Yes – Tempus Fugit
Phi Yaan-Zek – The Puffball That Ate My Village
Seven Albatross – King Of Shit Hill
Toy Matinee – There Was A Little Boy [early version]
The Flower Kings – I Am The Sun (part 2)
Pure Reason Revolution – Apprentice Of The Universe
Paul McCartney – Junk – Live On MTV Unplugged
Pow Pow – Last Days on Earth
Anekdoten – The War Is Over
Red Sparowes – In Illusions Of Order
Chateau Marmont – Maison Klaus
North Atlantic Oscillation – Cell Count – Edit
Hey Champ – Word=War
Clearlight – Dream
Phi Yaan-Zek – Out In The Boonies
Halogen – Millicent
Nikonn – Sunday
All India Radio – Silk
Cubenx – Adrift at Sea
Takashi Wada – Sine Wave Wonderland

Lemonchill – Subconsciousness Whispers – Terra Nine Remix

Jeff Rona – Arming The Warhead

Autoclav1.1 – Fault – Broken By Oil 10
Perpetual Loop – Breaking Binary – Original Mix
Michael E – Braveheart
Outputmessage – Gleam
Atomic Skunk – Chinabox
Ryan Farish – Modern Beauty

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Thomas Newman – Walk Home
I Am Robot and Proud – The Everything Machine, Pt. 1
Teen Daze – Late
Wire Fences – Monopole
Lotus – Morning Sun

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Enjoy the music!