Joaquin Lievano and The Warriors Live

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Wow! Joaquin Lievano and The Warriors Live! Where did this come from?

Great jazz fusion with incredible musicians! This is a rare find!

I have to admit I had almost given up on finding Joaquin Lievano tracks in this modern digital age. Nothing on Spotify but thank goodness for Youtube!

I found these tracks from The Warriors performing live at the Keystone Palo Alto in 1983.

I saw this band numerous times and even have a boot on cassette somewhere but in no way did I ever expect to run into any quality tracks.

Well – enough of the reminiscing. Check out the video and enjoy the song Warriors by Joaquin Lievano and Warriors Live in Palo Alto 1983.

I am not 100% sure of the band lineup other than Joaquin Lievano on guitar and Narada Michael Walden on drums. Andy West and Walter Affanasiev and Randy Jackson used to play with them back in the day but who knows. It’s great whatever the lineup.

More tracks by TheWarriors on Youtube:

Mighty Man
Race For Time
Fortune’s Path
Angel of My Dreams

And maybe more!

Search youtube for The Warriors Live At The Keystone Palo Alto California 1983