Feels Like Spring Music Mix

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It’s so warm right now in February that the flowers are blossoming early and the birds are mating here in California – so what better way to enjoy the dreams of a sensational spring than by enjoying a special music mix playlist of chillout and electronic tunes… Dig it!

Ulrich Schnauss – Blumenthal

Jeff Woodall – Distinction

miaou – Promise Song

Port Blue – Sunset Cruiser

Professor Kazkaz – Europium

C418 – Ward

Psicodreamics – Palace Of Sensuality

Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil – Du oben ich unten

OFFTHESKY – Gently, Drown the Scene

Field Rotation – Tiefflug

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Red Eye Express – Amelie – Ree Mix

Clem Leek – Mystery Moor

Juan Atkins – The Mission

All India Radio – The Lie

Composer – Aqualung

Snakestyle – Out of Bounds Part 1 – Reprise

Engineers – Las Vega (Instrumental)

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Majeure – Moonbow

Sonanaut – I Can Feel You

Jega – Naem

Vector Lovers – Neon Sky Rain – 2011 Remaster

Domotic – Cyclatron

Jim Guthrie – Maybe You’ll Get Some, Maybe You Won’t.

Dhamika – Illusions

Acid Washed – For Your Eyes Only

Ünn – Touch My Soul

Lab’s Cloud – Tea & Stars

Kettel – Toen – Taromix Dub

Lemongrass – Atlantis

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Aalborg Soundtracks – Halflife

I hope you enjoyed the selection of tracks! It’s a great chillout playlist!

All tracks available on amazon.com for 89 cents or listen to them on spotify!

Top Artists on Spotify Last 7 Days

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The stats for New Music Spy are in for the past week and these are the artists that dominated the playlists.

Lost Idol

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Jah Wobble

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I Am Robot and Proud

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Jeff Rona

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Sun Electric

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Perpetual Loop

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Vertical Horizon

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John Beltran

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Ides Of Space

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