Colorado Stoners Party Playlist

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Colorado Stoners Party Playlist – I Love Colorado!

listen to new music listen to new music listen to new music

Load up these songs in your ipod or on Spotify and have some fun!

Alcyone – Reflections
Divinorum – Space Precinct
Der Waldläufer – Lands End
Aural Planet – sunfruits avenue – sundial remix
Zoon van Snook – The Cross I’d Bear (Tunng Remix)
Phoenix – Too Young
(val)Liam – Happy Accidents
Red Snapper – The Last One
Brasstronaut – Revelstoke Dam
Tipper – Tripping The Light Fantastic
Fisk Industries – Earth Algorithm
Faded Paper Figures – Limelight
Hystereo – Executive Memo
David Van Tieghem – Trial and Error
Valdi Sabev – The Great Alone
Madonna – Drowned World/Substitute for Love
Depth Affect – Ten Devils
Yes – Every little thing (reprise)
Tom Middleton – Hypnotizer – Roland Nights Remix
Marcus Koch – Summertrain
Lali Puna – Alienation – Alias Remix
Manual – It’s Night On Planet Earth…And We Are Alive
C418 – lawyer cage fight
Shamall – Lunatic Fringe, p. II
Alexander Daf, Pan Electric – So Long As There Is Faith
Magic Sound Fabric – Galaxy Rise
Jens Buchert – Frogger

listen to new music listen to new music

listen to new music

That list of songs will get any stoner party going! Have fun and always be responsible and safe!