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// December 4th, 2013 // Cliff Martinez, Soundtrack
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Cliff Martinez used to play drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pretty cool, eeh?

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I hate to scare you off by telling you that Cliff Martinez is now a film score composer whose soundtracks are among the best out there! Some of the songs in the movies he scores simply transcend beyond just being good background music on the screen and work as full blown electronic music compositions! His music is really good!

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One of the bet movies for music ever was Drive featuring Ryan Gosling. One of my favorite films.

Take the Contagion soundtrack for example which Cliff Martinez scored. I have a playlist on Spotify that has the best songs from the soundtrack for the film and it is among the best music i can listen to during my days working on the computer!

Contagion: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Cliff Martinez

Look up Cliff Martinez and check out some of his songs – I think you’ll agree his music is really cool and fun to listen to!

Cliff Martinez – Bride Of Chang Club Mix

More songs you should dig up or listen to on Spotify!

Cliff Martinez – Bat & Pig
Cliff Martinez – It’s Mutated
Cliff Martinez – Crystal And The Bodybuilders
Cliff Martinez – There’s Nothing In There
Cliff Martinez – Don’t Tell Anyone

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