Conspiracy Theory: Unauthorized

// May 12th, 2018 // Linkin Park
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This documentary goes behind the scenes to reveal the truth behind Linkin Park, where they came from, what has made them so successful and how they were discovered.

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2 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory: Unauthorized”

  1. Phillip Goldfinch says:

    Meh I love Linkin Park as much as the next raving luntic with an obsession but it kinda sucks that there was no lp music. Instead they had music from some random band on there and they had footage of this band, correct me if im wrong but it seemed like they were trying to pass this random band off as linkin in some parts.There was barely any footage of LP on it.It was pretty much all interviews with ppl who hav dealt with the band.The special features sucked giant donkey balls…

  2. C. J. Petrosky says:

    Cheap cash-in on Linkin Park’s success I bought this DVD when I first discovered and went nuts over Linkin Park. I had already bought all of their albums up to that time and the Pancake Festival DVD. I quickly scooped up this DVD when I discovered it at the mall but was sorely disappointed once I watched it. There is barely any Linkin Park footage, and none of their music. It’s merely others bands and other people talking about Linkin Park. It’d be okay if the bands were worth mentioning but unfortunately they aren’t. This…

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