Crawling / Papercut

// June 24th, 2019 // Linkin Park
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Michaela Melián – Föhrenwald

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3 Responses to “Crawling / Papercut”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty tight cd for a rock AND rap album…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aaight, before y’all rat on me for puttin a 1 star, i’mma tell y’all i actually wanted to rate it “neutral” but the cd did NOT suck. I mean…if u’re into rock n’ junk i bet it’d be the tightest cd u’ve heard in your life. Yea, i heard about this cd throgh my brutha so i wuz kinda forced into it but i have to give it up for Linkin Park cuz they put in a very affective effort and i applaud em’ for that. The reason I didn’t really rate it is cuz i’m a hip hop fan myself..i mean STRICTLY…

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