Cry Me a River Pt.1

// September 3rd, 2018 // Justin Timberlake
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2 Responses to “Cry Me a River Pt.1”

  1. One World says:

    Bill Hamel Vocal Remix is the best mix in the house! This song, in it’s original incarnation is fine. It’s a hip-hop meets pop type of mixture that makes for some fun sing-a-long action.The best version, topping the original and all the remixes I have heard; however, is the Bill Hamel Vocal. Another reviewer puts it as “Trancey”, I thought about that term but did not really think that fit, but it is somewhat a good description. The mix starts out with a nice flowing keyboard that is, well trancey in a way. It seems to…

  2. K. Eisenberger says:

    Justin remixed. This is the 2nd single from the now solo Justin Timberlake and it is quite good. The main reason I bought this and the 2nd part of this single are for the remixes. The cd comes with 2 full length remixes that are really well done. The first track is the original Timbaland production (4:50) that remains the best version here. Then you get the Dirty Vegas Vocal Mix(7:45) that is similar to their own song and their remix of Madonna’s “Die Another Day”. Then you get the Bill Hamel Vocal Remix(6:48)…

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