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// October 1st, 2019 // David Bowie
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The CD anthologies out there let you hear the many phases of rock’s greatest chameleon; this 2-DVD set lets you watch the evolution unfold! You’ll see Bowie on the Old Grey Whistle Test ( Oh, You Pretty Things ), Dick Cavett Show ( Young Americans ), Top of the Pops ( Starman ), Russell Harty Plus Pop ( Space Oddity ) and in a rare clip from Dutch TV ( Rebel, Rebel ). You’ll also see songs from the Serious Moonlight tour plus music videos: Heroes; Ashes to Ashes; Fashion; Let’s Dance; China Girl; Modern Love; Blue Jean; Dancing in the Street; Absolute Beginners , and more!Probably the most comprehensive anthology of any musical artist to date, the 47-track Best of Bowie traces the guises of David Bowie from the androgynous, glam-rock rebel of the 1970s to his more recent incarnation as the postmodern pop ironist of the ’90s. The collection provides an added insight into wider developments in fashion, music, and the pop video. Most of the early material is taken from television music programs such as The Old Grey Whistle Test (“Oh! You Pretty Things,” “Queen Bitch,” and “Five Years”); however, as the demands of television and music promotion progress, Bowie ventures into more sophisticated stand-alone videos culminating in 1983’s “Let’s Dance.”

Best of Bowie‘s animated menus, and the opening menu sequence of both discs are excellent. Although there are no listed bonus features, the discs are swarming with extra “Easter egg” features such as alternative videos and vintage interviews (these can be accessed via the track-listing menu by selecting certain tracks and pressing the Right button). Background information about each video is displayed before the start of every promo, which is reproduced in the accompanying glossy booklet. The sound and picture quality is variable for early videos but improves (admittedly erratically) for later videos. Despite the mountains of material on both discs, there are a number of unexplainable absences such as “Changes”, “Under Pressure,” and “Sound and Vision.” Watch out for the Best of Bowie, Vol. 2. –John Galilee

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully Captures Bowie’s Span of Music

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Best Of Bowie This is the ultimate most comprehensive collection of bowie videos. Both disks are good but the first one is my favorite and i think its his best work.1.Oh you pretty things (1972)- a filming at the bbc television studio which was never broadcast. Good song- 4 stars2.Queen Bit** (1972)- filmed at bbc studios in london/ 4 stars3.Five years (1972)- filmed at bbc studios- pretty good song 3.5 stars4.Starman (1972)- filmed for top of the pops and a great song , one of my…

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