// August 19th, 2014 // Ulrich Schnauss

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Ulrich Schnauss – Nothing Happens in June

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2 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Rebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review" says:

    Decadent Ambient Perfection Delicate and sublime with a stirring of ecstasy dancing over a driving powerful intoxication is what you will find if you listen to Goodbye first. It is the perfect place to start this journey into soul shivering musical escape. The song surges and sways bursting from the limits of sound into an unbelievably ecstatic moment in time. This goes beyond inspiration to new levels of creativity where modern technology and ancient longings collide. At times it is crystalline perfection and at others…

  2. J. Grasso "jgandsg" says:

    Fantastique! Ulrich Schnauss occpupies a very unusual space between ambient and dance pop, that no-one else gets close. I absolutely love it. Thinking man’s ambient pop. Just listen to track 3 – Stars for a perfect introduction to Schnauss at his best. A galactic retro dance pop classic. The production and synthetic sounds are just sublime. I think it is excellent chillout music except I mean that as great music to play whilst having dinner with friends (not the turgid music that generally fills this…

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