Homework [Vinyl]

// December 19th, 2017 // Daft Punk
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EU LP pressing.

Product Features

  • 1 – Daftendirekt
  • 2 – Wdpk 837.7 fm
  • 3 – Revolution 909
  • 4 – Da funk
  • 5 – Phoenix

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Michaela Melián – Föhrenwald

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2 Responses to “Homework [Vinyl]”

  1. Turtleface says:

    One of the best dance records of all time. I own two copies of this on vinyl, one to play, and one because I love this record so much I have an unhealthy obsession with having a sealed, mint copy in my possession.This record has become so important to me over the years that trying to review it now is futile.If you’ve never listened to Daft Punk, this is the place to start, because it is the beginning of an evolving set of records, for better or for worse. Additionally, I’m instantly jealous of people who get to…

  2. wildwielder says:

    Classic House First of all, if you are new to Daft Punk, mostly because of Random Access Memories or the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and looking for more of their music; and you are not otherwise into electronica /house/techno, this is not a good place for you to start. Your next album should probably be Discovery, as that’s the closest thing to DP’s more recent work in their back catalog. If you can’t get into that, you’d be advised to just stop there.This debut album is really early– 1997,…

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