Human After All by Daft Punk (2005-05-03)

// May 19th, 2019 // Daft Punk
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2 Responses to “Human After All by Daft Punk (2005-05-03)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    tl;dr ALIVE 2007 turned this into one of my favorite albums I’ve learned to love this album after ALIVE 2007 came out. In 2006, I dismissed it as weird and annoying and really didn’t pick it up again. The reason why I didn’t like it at first is that It’s pretty stagnant. I thought, “Well Daft Punk’s always been repetitive, “Around the World” is my jam, why do I dislike “Steam Machine” and “Emotion”?” They loop waaaay more on HAA. Unlike their previous two albums where even though the lyrics are repeated, or the music is…

  2. Anonymous says:

    A twist This is a great disc while not Top 40 material it does have some catchy beats. I picked this up after listening to Daft Punks’ Alive release numerous times which included some of the material off this release. All of the tracks are artfully crafted.-Human After All offers a repetitive robotic voice saying “we are human after all”, “After all”, “Flesh uncovered”, and “Human”. The catchy music underneath all those robotic voices is what makes this track so great.- The…

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