In the End-Live & Rare

// March 3rd, 2018 // Linkin Park
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  • In The End – Live And Rare (Ep) [Japanese Import] by Linkin Park (2002-05-07)

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2 Responses to “In the End-Live & Rare”

  1. Mark'O says:

    Linkin Park – #1 If you’re a Linkin Park fan you must get this cd. I accidentaly came across this one and I totally loved it. This cd offers 3 live songs (Papercut, Points Of Authority & A Place For My Head), album version of In The End and 3 b-side songs (Step Up, My December & High Voltage). It’s worth to get this album just because of the b-side song, cause they’re just awesome songs. My favourite is High Voltage, cause it includes a bit more rap than other Linkin Park songs. And also My December stands out,…

  2. A Customer says:

    Nothing New but… Nothing New but when has that ever been a problem for the unstoppable Linkin Park. This did cost me a bit of money but it was worth it, given you havn’t heard most of the songs or are a die hard fan. But I reccomend if you have this much money buy SE Meteora. This is the single that did it all for the guys and a very very very great peice for a collection. since most people do this so will I:In The End: 4.5 (would have been perfect if we didn’t all hear it a million times)Papercut…

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