Light Flux

// June 11th, 2019 // Ulrich Schnauss
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The LIGHT FLUX CD is the FULL ALBUM released at the same time and in conjunction with Edgar’s autobiography on Tangerine Dream FORCE MAJEURE. GREEN SUMMER CLOUDS is a completely new track of about 18 min composed by Edgar and Thorsten as well is REACHING RAVENNA of more than 15 min. NEMESIS is a beautiful track by Edgar alone, so far unreleased and all the others are newly arranged. FORCE MAJEURE by Edgar Froese sold separately.

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2 Responses to “Light Flux”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A great CD worth adding to your Tangerine Dream collection Light Flux is an excellent new Tangerine Dream CD. The CD has 6 tracks and a running time of 61 minutes and 9 seconds.Two of the tracks (Tyger 2013 and Logos 2014) are re-recordings of old Tangerine Dream songs from the 1980s. Both tracks are fine, but they’re not the highlight of Light Flux. The other 4 tracks are more interesting and I already have the original recordings of Tyger and Logos.The other 4 tracks are being released for the first time here on Light Flux…

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of the best Tangerine Dream releases this century I realize this is a release of previously recorded music however, this is a much better release than Quantum Gate (which was also a very good release). I usually don’t like track by track reviews since they seemed slightly more biased than an overall picture but in this case, I think it warranted.Green Summer Clouds – Recorded 2007 but not released. This is a track by Edgar Froese and Thorsten Quaeschning and I think it is one of the best tracks Tangerine Dream has ever released. It very…

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