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After landing a total of ten #1 hits, moving over 20 million records worldwide, and selling out shows everywhere with a stage, Collective Soul—Ed Roland [vocals, guitars, keyboards], Dean Roland [guitars], Will Turpin [bass], Jesse Triplett [guitars], and Johnny Rabb [drums]—staunchly and proudly remain a rock ‘n’ roll band through and through. Nowhere is that reassuring fact more apparent than on the first proper live album of the group’s 25-year career, LIVE. Fittingly, they introduce the collection with a live piano rendition of their biggest hit 1993’s “Shine”—which would be crowned #1 Album Rock Song of 1994, win a Billboard award for “Top Rock Track,” land on VH1’s “100 Greatest Songs of the ‘90s,” and notch Dolly Parton a GRAMMY® Award for “Best Vocal Performance” on her 2001 cover. Preserving the soulful spark that established them as the “Southern Gentlemen of the Alternative Rock Scene,” Collective Soul build upon a formidable foundation. They were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009. To date, they average over 1 million Spotify streams a month. From a classic performance at Woodstock 1994 to a notable placement on the Twilight soundtrack, their influence continues to course through generations of pop culture.

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3 Responses to “Live”

  1. Paul Allaer says:

    Greatest Hits Live in all but name Collective Soul formed in 1992, so this year marks the band’s quarter-century anniversary, and how better to celebrate this than to issue a proper live album. Yes, Collective Soul has issued “Home: A Live Recording with the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra” a decade or so ago, but let’s be honest: do you really care or need to hear these guys live accompanied by a symphony orchestra (youth or otherwise)? I didn’t think so either. The band also has released a number of “Instant…

  2. K Sven says:

    Killer live album showcase

  3. Dons Word says:

    90’s revisited, very well done! What a selection Great Live CDCollective Soul are one of those bands who had so many hits, we forget. Well they are all gathered here along with a few surprises. Great sound quality and performance by the band. Nostalgic i suppose, but from the start of ‘Heavy’ these songs still sounds relevant and the band sounds strong (‘Precious Declaration’ smokes on here). Newer track ‘Ayta’ is a weak spot, but a minor speed bump, the energetic version of ‘Why Pt.2’ make up for it quickly. They stay focused on the…

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