Living Things by Linkin Park (2012-06-26)

// May 30th, 2018 // Linkin Park
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2 Responses to “Living Things by Linkin Park (2012-06-26)”

  1. rae says:

    My favorite album. Living Things is perhaps my most favorite Linkin Park album tied with A Thousand Suns. This album, just as the latter, can be listened to front to back with no interruption. You start out this album with “Lost in the Echo” which is the hook for the whole album. You’re brought in with Chester’s emotional vocals, a hard riff of electronica and rock, and it to mention Mike’s way with words. This song along is a perfect example of the versatility of Linkin Park. It covers so many platforms…

  2. A Person says:

    Not a single album I did not fall in love with…. : ) ……………… : ( R.I.P Chester – Forever will be missed, You were soooo talented, and I do not care what some of those insensitive people think, but you have been very strong thru out soo much you been thru. You left your blessing upon this world and now you were called home to continue your greatness. You let it all out in your music,surely helped me during my darkest times, similar to what I know you went thru too and this bands been my own soundtrack since I fell in love with the band in 2000, 17 years of…

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