Musique 1: 1993-2005 by Daft Punk (2006) Audio CD

// December 30th, 2017 // Daft Punk
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2 Responses to “Musique 1: 1993-2005 by Daft Punk (2006) Audio CD”

  1. Michael Schwartz says:

    Five Stars I enjoy Daft Punk music and have since I first discovered it about five years ago. Nice stuff! There’s captivating beats with real fine melodic intervals interspersed. Wonderful listening. Good dancing too. Vocals are sparse and simple, but quite effective. I own most Daft Punk CDs and DVDs including the wonderful “Random Access Memories” which picked up the Best Album of the Year Grammy. It earned it.More recently, I discovered the “Musique Vol. 1” album. I already…

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