OutRun [Explicit]

// June 16th, 2019 // Daft Punk
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2013 album from one of the most talented artists of the French Electro scene. Kavinsky has played everywhere, opening for Daft Punk on their last worldwide tour. Kavinsky is also a Comics character, immediately recognizable with his Teddy Jacket, jeans, sneakers, sunglasses and his cigarette. The brilliant album Outrun is produced by rising French DJ/producer Sebastian and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk. Kavinsky’s single ‘Nightcall’ was featured in the opening credits of the film Drive, and became a big hit internationally soon after, with sales/downloads over 28 million to date.

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2 Responses to “OutRun [Explicit]”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So I most definitely recommend this seller New album, not a scratch, perfectly packed, arrived in time without delays. So I most definitely recommend this seller.My only (small) regret is with the album itself: a download code or a CD is usually provided inside the LPs these days so you can have the electronic file as well. To be fair it was not advertised as being included so it is no one mistake, it is down to the major or the artist to include it. So I got what I wanted and give it 5 stars, hoping that Kavinsky will provide the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This album is amazing When I first heard the first track on youtube … “Im giving you an amazon review to tell you how I feel…”Simply put: This album is amazingWhen I first heard the first track on youtube by album surfing and the man said “When our hero emerged he and the car had become one…”I laughed so hard, then everything that comes after that is not only just as 80’s sounding but it sounds like lightning bolts are coming through your speakers no joke listen to “Protovision” on YouTube.I advise everyone to…

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