// September 12th, 2018 // David Bowie

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Abakus – The Sleeper Must Awaken

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3 Responses to “Outside”

  1. Maxalbert says:

    Loving the alien . . . Bowie is so HUGE, he attracts all sorts of different listeners, all with different favourites. Some fans prefer easy listening and others like the more experimental or ideas-based music. There was a period when people seemed to stop listening to Bowie (luckily he kept on producing ground-breaking music). And then The Next Day came out and people (many of the easy listeners) were all over him saying he’d made a brilliant album, the V&A formed a major exhibit around him, books and art programs…

  2. Spindle Books & Records says:

    A very high quality complete vinyl pressing of Bowie’s best album between “Scary Monsters” and “The Next Day” This is an excellent vinyl version of what is probably Bowie’s most under-rated album, which in my opinion is his best between “Scary Monsters” and “The Next Day.” If you don’t know the album and are a fan, you’re missing out!But assuming you do know it, you most likely want to know if this is worth the hefty price tag — and for me it definitely is. The white vinyl is pressed VERY well: flat, quiet, rich and very dynamic… everything I’ve come to expect from RTI…

  3. Marcos Feitosa says:

    single disc with long booklet and bonus track — that’s what it really is Everybody already knows this is one of Bowie’s most curious and peculiar works. Why the rest of the trilogy (2. Contamination; 3. Afrikaans) was never made, I have no idea. This edition has a single disc with 20 tracks. All original 19 are here, plus the only bonus track I really cared for: “get real”. The 24-page booklet that came with it is superb!!! I truly recommend this version of the CD! Plus: it’s cheaper than most other versions. If you’re in for the remixes, however, they’re not…

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