Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit

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Linkin Park ~ Linkin Park – Breaking The Habi

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String Tribute to Linkin Park

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In the Chamber: The String Quartet Tribute to Linkin Park

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While this string quartet tribute to Linkin Park is entirely instrumental, it nevertheless apes LP’s main dynamic, which of course is the interplay of vocalist Chester Bennington and MC Mike Shinoda, supported by the shifting dynamics of the instrumentation. The inherent tension of the group’s best efforts — “Runaway,” “One Step Closer,” “In the End” — is matched in these arrangements for violin, viola, cello, and bass. The crushing, Pro Tools-tweaked production of Hybrid Theory and introductory Meteora single “Somewhere I Belong” isn’t present on this tribute. But it’s a credit to Linkin Park that its best material remains standing when the outsized vocal and guitar performances, burbling programming, and studio trickery it’s most known for are all stripped away. Essential listening for any fan. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi

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Piano Tribute to Linkin Park

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Linkin Park rose to international fame with their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which was certified Diamond by the RIAA and multi-platinum in several other countries. Its following studio album, Meteora, continued the band’s success, topping the Billboard 200s album charts and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the world. To date, Linkin Park has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and won two Grammy Awards. Now you can hear all of their biggest international hits in a unique piano tribute style.

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Linkin Park Underground 8 Fan Club (Box Set with Demos CD, Large T-Shirt, Patch, Letter, and Guitar Pick)

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This year’s edition of Linkin Park Underground (LP Underground) includes:

– LP Underground 8 CD – MMM.. COOKIES: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America!

– LP Underground 8 T-Shirt

– LP Underground 8 Sticker

– LP Underground 8 Guitar Pick

– LP Branded Budclicks

– LP Underground 8 Membership Card

– Letter from Linkin Park

– Online Newsletter

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Linkin Park – One More Light Limited Pressing LP Exclusive Cover

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Linkin Park’s seventh studio album, One More Light, available with an exclusive vinyl cover limited to just 2,500 copies. Known for pushing the boundaries of alternative rock by combining elements of other genres such as atmospheric electronica and hip-hop, One More Light borrows elements of modern pop, rock + electronic music to craft anthemic singles like Battle Symphony and Heavy (feat. vocalist Kiiara). 2017, Warner Bros. Tracklisting 1. Nobody Can Save Me 2. Good Goodbye 3. Talking to Myself 4. Battle Symphony 5. Invisible 6. Heavy (feat. Kiiara) 7. Sorry for Now 8. Halfway Right 9. One More Light 10. Sharp Edges

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Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight (Pic Disc) Vinyl LP

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Picture disc vinyl pressing of Linkin Park’s 3rd studio album. Limited edition. Warner Bros. Records 2017.

Product Features

  • picture disc vinyl pressing

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Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns Vinyl 2LP

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Linkin Park’s ambitious 2010 album A Thousand Suns on double vinyl, housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve. Warner Bros 2017.

Product Features

  • double vinyl pressing
  • gatefold sleeve

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Lullaby Versions of Linkin Park

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Lullaby Versions of Linkin Park by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

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Linkin Park – One Step Closer

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Linkin Park: One Step Closer’ goes behind the scenes and reveals the truth about the biggest Metal band around, where they came from, how they were discovered and what has made them so successful.

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Linkin Park: The Hunting Party (CD+DVD)

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Release Date : 17/06/2014
Distributor : Warner Music
Genres : Rock
Number of discs : 2
Package : CD Case
Studio : Warner Bros
Synopsis :
01. Keys To The Kingdom
02. All For Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)
03. The Summoning
04. War
05. Wastelands
06. Until It’s Gone
07. Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)
08. Mark The Graves
09. Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello)
10. Final Masquerade
11. A Line In The Sand

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Linkin Park: Frat Party at the Pankake Festival

// December 15th, 2016 // 2 Comments » // Linkin Park

Nu metal sextet Linkin Park take to the concert stage ready to lay down some of the take-no-prisoners, rock-hip-hop hybrid action for which they have become so justly famous. Recorded on their recent world tour.

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Linkin Park: Coup d’Etat Unauthorized

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The complete story of Californian rock band Linkin Park, from their early days as high school buddies in the late 1990s to their 2007 ‘Minutes to Midnight’ album and subsequent collaborations with rap artists Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes.

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Hybrid Theory EP 6 track CD (before Linkin Park)

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The rare Hybrid Theory EP by Linkin Park before they were the huge success they are today….This is 1999 reissue that was given outto the Linkin Park Underground members the first year it was available… TRACKLIST: 1. Carousel.
2. Technique (short).
3. Step Up.
4. And One.
5. High Voltage.
6. Part Of Me.

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Linkin Park – Greatest Hits 2cd (2013)

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LINKIN PARK: Greatest Hits 2CD [DigiPak SET] 1. In The End 2. Breaking The Habit 3. Faint 4. One Step Closer 5. What I’ve Done 6. Given Up 7. Numb 8. Shadow Of The Day 9. Leave Out All The Rest 10. Somewhere I Belong 11. Burning In The Skies 12. A Place For My Head 13. No More Sorrow 14. Roads Untraveled 15. Forgotten 16. Castle Of Glass 17. Points Of Authority 18. Don’t Stay 19. Lost In The Echo 20. I’ll Be Gone 21. Victimized CD2: 1. Burn It Down 2. Crawling 3. Papercut 4. Bleed It Out 5. Lying From You 6. Writing For The End 7. By Myself 8. Hit The Floor 9. Pushing Me Away 10. Easier To Run 11. From The Inside 12. Skin To Bone 13. With You 14. Figure.09 15. Nobody’s Listening 16. In My Remains 17. The Catalys 18. Lies Greed Misery 19. Iridescent 20. Runaway 21. Numb-Encore

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Linkin Park – DVD Collector’s Box

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Two-volume set charting the career of the Californian rock band, from their early ‘nu-metal’ days through to their exploration of other musical genres including rap.

Product Features


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Lpu9 CD-Linkin Park Demos

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Import only 2010 release featuring demo recordings made between 1998 and 2007. LPU9: Demos is a rarities CD which features nine unreleased demo versions of some of the band’s biggest hits including ‘Faint,’ ‘Breaking the Habit,’ and ‘Leave Out All the Rest,’ as well as the much sought out ‘Across the Line,’ a previously unreleased song recorded during the Minutes to Midnight studio sessions. “Songs change constantly over the course of the creative process, so we thought it’d be cool to share early versions of familiar tracks. The versions in this collection represent important moments in the evolution of each song: different vocals, music variations, and missing parts. They’re snapshots of our works-in-progress.” – Mike Shinoda. Warner. 2010.

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Linkin Park: Live in Texas

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Linkin Park’s insanely powerful concert set is now available on the CD+DVD package Live In Texas. With the CD tentatively featuring 12 songs and the DVD 17 (plus backstage footage), recorded in August at Houston’s Reliant Stadium and Irving’s Texas Stadium, Live In Texas expands on the continuing momentum of the band’s #1, nearing triple-platinum album Meteora.

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Linkin Park: Road to Revolution – Live at Milton Keynes [Blu-ray]

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Track Listing:
1. One Step Closer
2. From The Inside
3. No More Sorrow
4. Given Up
5. Lying From You
6. Hands Held High
7. Leave Out All The Rest [Live At Milton Keynes] (video)
8. Numb
9. The Little Things Give You Away
10. Breaking The Habit [Live At Milton Keynes] (video)
11. Shadow Of The Day [Live At Milton Keynes] (video)
12. Crawling
13. In The End
14. Pushing Me Away
15. What I’ve Done [Live At Milton Keynes] (video)
16. Numb / Encore – By Jay-Z / Linkin Park
17. J igga What / Faint – By Jay-Z / Linkin Park
18. Bleed It Out

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