Technologic 1 by Daft Punk (2005-07-26)

// October 1st, 2018 // Daft Punk
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3 Responses to “Technologic 1 by Daft Punk (2005-07-26)”

  1. Stephen J. White says:

    Vitalic defrags and upgrades Technologic!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I purchased this CD after hearing an incredible remix of Technologic on Sirius satellite radio, and much to my delight, that remix was on this version of the Technologic single. The remix I am speaking of is of course the Vitalic remix of Technologic. On this track, Vitalic has taken Technologic and transformed it into an aggressive electro-house assault, adding a new dimension to the song, as well as making it much more dynamic and versatile in the long run. While it loses some of it’s…

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