The Man Who Sold the World [Vinyl]

// October 2nd, 2018 // David Bowie
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3 Responses to “The Man Who Sold the World [Vinyl]”

  1. L. Lala says:

    It’s Bowie and it’s on the new vinyl from the new vinyl era. which is very, very good news! Bowie songs and recordings always had the guts of epics in them. It matched or came out of the performances which were always sweeping, grand. Even the visceral base sexual desire in Ziggy is epic. The raging erection of all time. This album was two albums prior to Ziggy and while it displays some of that raw swaying sex, an equal number of the songs are lengthy contemplative works. When Epic Bowie meets Epic subject matter, we are in the stratosphere. Width of a Circle and the title track…

  2. Michael L. Knapp says:

    Best vinyl version yet. For me this was the first Bowie album I ever heard. I bought the Mercury Records version (already a cut out) because I liked the comic book looking cover, which was different from the dress cover. I had no clue what the music sounded like. Man, I was completely unprepared for what jumped out of my speakers. There wasn’t anything else like it and it didn’t leave my turntable for weeks. My girlfriend and all my friends hated it but I couldn’t get enough. Every song blew me away and I had a new…

  3. S. M. H. Klauber says:

    Bowie of course, but also introducing Mick Ronson as a guitar god

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