Thousand Suns

// June 17th, 2018 // Linkin Park
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3 Responses to “Thousand Suns”

  1. rae says:

    One of my favorite albums One of my favorite albums of Linkin Park. This album you must listen front to back it is like watching a movie without visual but still the sounds, lyrics, and instrumentals of each reach create stunning images in your mind. Linkin Park has such a way with taking any style, any sound, any genre and recreating it in their own, unique way. They are truly masters of every genre and although people will say it’s “not Linkin Park” it’s not Meteora or Hybrid Theory, this IS for a fact Linkin…

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Very cool set for anyone with an LP collection These are sad days for LP, but we’ll see how they respond. This is a great album which was panned by many even though Mike pointed out that this was an “experiment.” It’s probably my favorite CD by Linkin Park, I can literally play it over and over, on repeat and not get tired of it. This comes with a 1 hour and 15 minute live concert DVD from a Madrid concert, which is also excellent. A ‘Thousand Suns’ is a monumental departure from what the LP fans expected, but you don’t grow as a…

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