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Tron by Various

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Disney’s pioneering 1982 effort in computer animation has garnered a small but devoted cult audience, despite–or perhaps because of–its now-dated, rudimentary vid-game aesthetic. But while designers Jean Giraud and Syd Mead gave its visual design a certain streamline moderne panache, its musical score attempts a similar back-to-the-future fusion with somewhat more mixed results. Given the composer’s often chilling, landmark synthesized score work a decade earlier on Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, Wendy Carlos seemed like an apt choice for Tron. But without her previous collaborator’s taste for Beethoven, Elgar, and Rossini, Carlos’s instincts wend from atmospheric, 20th-century European modernism to cheesy ’50s B-film melodramatics, with the sonic limitations of ’80s synth technology sometimes a burden. Still, those fond of her solo work and collaboration with Kubrick on Orange (and The Shining) will find familiar charms in “Water, Music, and TRONaction,” “TRONscherzo” and “Theme from TRON.” But Journey’s “Only Solutions” and now all-too-ironic “1990’s Theme” further fix the score firmly in the ’80s. This debut CD-release of the score also features three bonus tracks, the original “TRONaction” and two other unused cues, including a solo synth rendition of the film’s anthem. –Jerry McCulley

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Entering the Grid When it was released in 1982, TRON was a flop. However, even though it wasn’t a major box office success upon its initial release, the movie gained a following that has been growing over the years. As CGI has become more and more prominent in movies, TRON has also gained a great deal of respect for being one of the first films that successfully blended CGI with real actors. For years, the TRON SOUNDTRACK was unavailable on cd because of, according to the liner notes, “the severe degradation…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the Journey songs too Intrepid and addictive…iconic progressive music. Only flaw (and Wendy Carlos herself noted this) is the sequencing of the Journey songs in the middle of her score. I love the Journey songs too, but it would have been a better artistic choice to put them at the end to totally immerse oneself in this whole-tone-oid buffet of exotic, but accessible music. If you are a fan of King Crimson, this is your movie score. Do some research at Wendy Carlo’s web site and learn about the synthesizers she…

  3. Anonymous says:

    TRON Shines On CD…At Last! It has been years of waiting. And I must admit it was worth it. Wendy Carlos’ TRON has finally seen the daylight on CD. This is such a marvelous piece of work. The recording is excellent. The liner notes by Carlos herself explaining the road to composing TRON and having it remastered for this new album are truly great.All the music as heard on the original LP is here, plus the two songs Journey composed for the film. The bonus tracks are great, especially ‘Break In’, which tracks…

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