What Goes Around… Comes Around by Justin Timberlake

// October 6th, 2018 // Justin Timberlake
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Vector Lovers – Reminisce

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2 Responses to “What Goes Around… Comes Around by Justin Timberlake”

  1. Daniel W. Kelly says:

    nice to see the remixes actually released in physical form–but they are all edits! As the trend towards “cyber” music continues, remix CD singles are rarely being released domestically in the US, with only slightly better luck from imports, part of the problem with imports being what happens here. It’s ALL edits instead of the full length mixes. and as a total tease, the cd insert AND disc label list the “wookie mix” as running 7:29, when it’s only 3:55! The Wookie mix is a groovier house mix, Sebastian Leger’s mix has more of an electro/filter house vibe. The Junkie XL small…

  2. Daniel W. Kelly says:

    one single of a handful gets it right…

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