Ziggy Stardust

// September 11th, 2019 // David Bowie
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2 Responses to “Ziggy Stardust”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Quality should’ve been much better!:( This is a fabulous album, and one I’ve wanted in my collection for quite some time. However, the quality of this brand new remaster left a lot to be desired. “Star,” a really good song on the B-side, skipped all over the place. I changed the stylus, cleaned the turntable and inspected the record before testing it again– only to find it always skipped in the same places, and always on that one track and no other. For this being a $20 record fresh out of the plastic, it was very…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do Not Buy The 2016 Vinyl Reissue – Bad Pressing! I am yet another customer who ordered the 2016 vinyl reissue who has experienced skipping on side 2. My first copy was all but unlistenable. Not only did “Star” skip repeatedly, “Hang on to Yourself” did as well. I returned and ordered another copy. This copy has skips as well. However, only “Star” skips and it only skips twice. Weird. Figure it out Amazon! This is a bad pressing! Then again bad on me for not researching a bit before I bought this reissue. I own Hunky…

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